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  • History
  • "Nahla" is established 2000 by group of young women who was committed to provide the space for Bosnian woman in which she could feel safe and accepted and get a chance to learn, socialize, broaden and enrich her knowledge and acquire different skills needed to efficiently perform job and actively participate in social life.

    During years hundreds of young girls and women in Nahla acquired knowledge from different areas and more and more women being recognized noble intentions of Nahla so number of our members continuously grew.

    A multiannual hard work of Nahla’s team in the November 2007 crowned with opening of new, modern building in Sarajevo. Now serving all women without regard to nationality, colour, race or religion is five storeys with over 1.000 square metres of effective space filled with miscellaneous services and activities.

    During 2008  the annual number of beneficiaries of programs and services for the first time has reached 5.000 persons. After that we intensified activities to support the registration and launching of similar initiatives in other cities in BiH and the region.

    Finally, during 2010 the focus of the Association from direct training and education shifts to wider social activism through research, intensive participation in the civil society and media advocacy, which led to the change in the first part of our name into Centre for Education and Research.

    Since its founding in 2000 in Sarajevo Nahla is constantly developing and expanding. We currently have over 40 developed trainings and our various educational programs attend over 6,000 women annually, most often between the ages of 20-45. We are running  three educational centers, in Sarajevo, Bihac and Tuzla and support similar initiatives in other cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • 22.06.2012

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