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  • Center for Education and Research “Nahla” is inspired by principles of Islam and we wish to promote them in a way that will benefi t the entire society, by nurturing the following key values:

    We pay particular attention to respecting and appreciating diversity and freedom of choice of every individual. Friendliness, accessibility and constant care for the needs of others at every time are our trademark.

    We advocate cooperation and dialogue in all aspects of our work, and we encourage active exchange of ideas and knowledge as a guarantee of equal an balanced development of society. We are committed to building partnerships with diff erent agents in society, and through cooperation within our team, we inspire and support each other to nurture the spirit of cooperation, mutual support and good interpersonal relations.

    We give active support to women in exercising their human rights and getting equal opportunities in society. We support family and nurture positive family values in the spirit of partnership and mutual appreciation among all its members.

    We enable women to acquire competences which are relevant in modern society and which help their personal and professional development.

    We work actively to support economic, mental, spiritual and physical empowerment of women.

    To us, excellence is our constant striving to be better at what we do and to meet the high expectations of our users, partners and community as a whole through responsibility, commitment, professionalism and establishing best practices in the areas we are active in.

    In our educational centers, we create an environment which inspires women to exchange experiences, see new perspectives, use their own potentials and bring joy of life into their everyday lives. Our activism inspires other organizations and individuals to participate in social changes.
  • 10.02.2015

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