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  • How to become a member?
  • Nahla offers different advantages for our members.
  • Who can become a member of Nahla?
    • Our member can become every girl or woman, without regard on her nationality, religion or any other affiliation, by paying 20€ membership fee. Pupils and students get 50% discount on membership fee so they pay just 10€ and retired woman pay 15€ per year for Nahla's membership card.

    What is my membership validity period?
    • One year starting from the date you paid fee.

    What benefits I get as a member?
    • using our library and reading room free of charge
    • attending different seminars, workshops and courses for free
    • up to 50% discount for all educational programs
    • up to 30% discount for all sport activities
    • up to 30% discount in internet caffe
    • priority registration for all courses and seminars.

    What is procedure for becoming a member?
    • You need to complete a form at our info desk and pay membership fee. Info desk working hours: 12-20  h every day except Friday.
  • 22.06.2012

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