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  • Research
  • The Research Department is focused on theoretical and empirical social research of the issues relating to women, women's rights, social engagement and activism, religion and identity in contemporary society.

    Also, the Research Department analyses the needs and contentment of women who attend CER Nahla’s programs and benefit from our projects in order to improve and advance the available programs and services so as to serve them best.

    The systemic work in this regard started in September 2010 with the official establishment of the Department which was the result of previous, different individual research projects.

    Along with research projects, the activities of this department are directed at creation of a safe space for discussion and consideration of different societal issues through public discussions, conferences, publication and translation of articles and books dealing with the mentioned topics. Along with this, we in the Department work diligently on the establishment of a reference library, with relevant academic and other books and publications enquiring into our relevant topics focusing on women, women’s and gender studies, religious studies but also psychology, pedagogy, sociology, law and other relevant fields.

    Our main activities therefore are:

    • Research projects
    • Publishing projects
    • Public debates, discussions and conferences
    • Reference library

  • 17.06.2012

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